Nikon D200 IR and lensa Sigma 18-50mm

Nikon D200 IR and Sigma 18-50mm f/3,5-5,6 is a good combination. Both create sharp pictures. And I just bought it at Bursa Kamera Jakarta, Bp. Abeng Taswin.

This information I got from Mas Yudistira during a photo hunting in Depok last month. I tried it and agreed with it. This newest lens of mine already tested during my holiday in Bali last December.

For infrared purposes, this lens is a "best buy" lens. I recommend it.


dome said...

om,berapa ongkosnya utk kamera IR yang di operate ? like d70

My IR Blog said...

ongkos d70 2 juta rupiah. kemarin ada teman dari kuala lumpur yang meng operate kamera d70 nya ...