New BW version of Nikon D40 IR

Nikon D40 is the only Nikon DSLR camera that can NOT be preseted as a modified infrared camera. The original result from the camera is a reddish picture. But we can still use it as a modified digital infrared cameras, as long as you use it in RAW / NEF format. We can then process it in Nikon capture NX software, modify the White Balance (WB) setting and change the red and balance value to yours.

One day a good friend of mine who is using my modded D40IR camera, dr. Lukas, showed me his black & white (BW) picture. I was surprised with the result. Extraordinary BW picture !

Eureka !!!
I got the idea to create a new version of infrared cameras, BW version with the Nikon D40. Then I did a special modification that night & bring my new BW D40 IR everyday to test the result. Now I'm ready to launch it as my new version of infrared cameras.

The new BW IR version of "MyInfrared Inside" IR camera series.

Sample photo with this new version at

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Dibyo Gahari said...

Sample photo: Nikon D40 BW IR & Nikon 18-70mm, fresh from the camera